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Latex Characters

Updated March 28, 2011

Lower Case Greek Letters

Latex symbol Symbol Letter
\alpha α alpha
\beta β beta
\gamma γ gamma
\digamm digamma
\delta δ delta
\epsilon ε epsilon
\varepsilon ϵ variant epsilon
\zeta ζ zeta
\eta η eta
\theta θ theta
\vartheta ϑ variant theta
\iota ι iota
\kappa κ kappa
\varkappa κ variant kappa
\lambda λ lambda
\mu μ mu
\nu ν nu
\xi ξ xi
\pi π pi
\varpi ϖ variant pi
\rho ρ rho
\varrho ϱ variant rho
\sigma σ sigma
\varsigma ς variant sigma
\tau τ tau
\upsilon υ upsilon
\phi φ phi
\varphi ϕ variant phi
\chi χ chi
\psi ψ psi
\omega ω omega

Capital Greek Letters

Latex symbol Symbol Letter
\Gamma Γ capital Gamma
\varGamma Γ Variant capital Gamma
\Delta Δ capital Delta
\varDelta Δ variant capital Delta
\Theta Θ capital Theta
\varTheta Θ variant capital Theta
\Lambda Λ Capital Lambda
\varLambda Λ variant capital Lambda
\Xi Ξ capital Xi
\varXi Ξ variant capital Xi
\Pi Π capital Pi
\ varPi Π variant capital Pi
\Sigma Σ capital Sigma
\varSigma Σ variant capital Sigma
\Upsilon Υ capital Upsilon
\varUpsilon Υ variant capital Upsilon
\Phi Φ capital Phi
\varPhi Φ variant capital Phi
\Psi Ψ capital Psi
\varPsi Ψ variant capital Psi
\Omega Ω capital Omega
\varOmega Ω variant capital Omega

Hebrew Letters

Latex symbol Symbol Letter
\aleph aleph
\beth beth
\daleth daleth
\gimel ג gimel

Miscellaneous symbols

Latex symbol Symbol Character
\hbar h-bar, Planck's constant over 2 pi
\ell Script small "l"
\imath ı Lower case "i", used by scientists to indicate imaginary number
\jmath j Lower case j, used by engineers to indicate imaginary number
\wp Script capital P
\Re Real number indicator
\Im Imaginary number indicator
\partial Partial differential symbol
\infty Infinity
\prime Prime
\emptyset Empty Set
\backslash \ Backslash
\forall For All
\exists There Exists
\smallint Small Integral, not represented specifically in unicode
\triangle Triangle
\surd square root symbol
\Vert | vertical bar
\parallel Parallel
\top Top symbol
\bot Bottom symbol
\dag Daggar
\ddag Double Daggar
\flat Music Flat
\natural Music Natural
\sharp Music Sharp
\angle Angle
\clubsuit Club card
\diamondsuit Diamond card
\heartsuit Heart card
\spadesuit Spade Card
\neg ¬ Logical NOT
\Diamond Diamond operator
\mho Inverse Ohm
\hslash h-slash, Planck Constnt over 2 pi
\complement Complement
\backprime Reverse Prime
\vartriangle Variant Triangle
\varnothing Empty Set
\diagup Division slash symbol
\diagdown Set minus
\blacktriangle Black Triangle
\blacktriangledown Black Down-Pointing Triangle
\triangledown Triangle Pointing Down
\Game Turned Capital Sans Serif G
\square Square
\blacksquare Black Square
\lozenge Lozenge
\blacklozenge Black Lozenge
\measuredangle Measured Angle
\sphericalangle Spherical Angle
\circledS Circled Capital "S"
\bigstar Big black star
\Finv Turned Capital F
\eth ð Eth letter (lower case d bar)
\nexists There Does Not Exist

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