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Updated March 28, 2011

Latex Symbol Symbol Description
\leftarrow Left arrow
\rightarrow →  Right arrow
\to →  Right arrow
\longleftarrow ←− Long left arrow
\longrightarrow −→ Long rightarrow
\Leftarrow Left double arrow
\Rightarrow Right double arrow
\Longleftarrow ⇐ = Long double left arrow
\Longrightarrow = ⇒ Long double right arrow
\leftrightarrow Arrow pointing both left and right
\longleftrightarrow ←→ Long arrow pointing left and right
\Leftrightarrow Double arrow pointing left and right
\Longleftrightarrow ⇐⇒ Long double arrow pointing left and right
\uparrow Up arrow
\downarrow Down arrow
\Uparrow Up double arrow
\Downarrow Down double arrow
\updownarrow Arrow pointing both up an down
\Updownarrow Up down double arrow
\nearrow Northeast arrow
\searrow Southeast arrow
\swarrow Southwest arrow
\nwarrow Northwest arrow
\mapsto Right double arrow from bar
\longmapsto right arrow from bar
\hookleftarrow Left arrow with hook point
\hookrightarrow Right arrow with hook point
\leftharpoonup Left harpoon with barb up
\rightharpoonup Right harpoon with barb up
\leftharpoondown Left harpoon with barb down
\rightharpoondown Right harpoon with barb down
\leftrightharpoons Left harpoon over right harpoon with barbs up
\rightleftharpoons right harpoon over left harpoon with barbs up
\leadsto Leads to, right wavy arrow
\leftleftarrows left paired arrows
\rightrightarrows Right paired arrows
\leftrightarrows Left arrow over right arrow
\rightleftarrows Right arrow over left arrow
\Lleftarrow Left triple arrow
\Rrightarrow Right triple arrow
\twoheadleftarrow Left two headed arrow
\twoheadrightarrow Right two headed arrow
\leftarrowtail Left arrow with tail
\rightarrowtail Right arrow with tail
\looparrowleft Left arrow with loop
\looparrowright Right arrow with loop
\upuparrows Up paired arrows
\downdownarrows Down paired arrows
\upharpoonleft Up harpoon with barb left
\upharpoonright Up harpoon with barb right
\downharpoonleft Down harpoon with barb left
\downharpoonright Down harpoon with barb right
\leftrightsquigarrow Left right wavy arrow
\rightsquigarrow Right wavy arrow
\multimap Multimap
\nleftarrow Left arrow with stroke through it
\nrightarrow Right arrow with stroke through it
\nLeftarrow Left double arrow with stroke through it
\nRightarrow Right double arrow with stroke through it
\nleftrightarrow Left right arrow with stroke
\nLeftrightarrow Left right double arrow with stroke

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