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Topics in Practical Methods for STEM Accessibility

Updated September 10, 2014

The Access2Science web site provides articles and links on accessibility of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Its purpose is to provide practical information to people with print disabilities and to their friends, parents, and teachers.

This site was announced on March 30, 2011 and initially has a small number of articles and links, but the editors expect it to expand rapidly. They have invited a number of papers and welcome appropriate articles from anyone. The list of editors and editorial policies are given on the Editorial Information and Policies page.


Accessible STEM Content

This page has links to accessible, mostly mainstream, free books, articles, tutorials, and other STEM content.

Accessibility-Specific Information

This page has articles on accessible techniques for reading and authoring math, reading math on the web, and converting documents to web files. There are articles on braille math, on accessing graphics, and on embossing methods. And there are links to sites with information about educational and professional services and activities for people with disabilities.

Math Languages

This page has articles, tables of symbols, and links to information about MathML and Latex, the two predominant computer languages for math today.

Non-English Information

Presently this section is a bit small. There is a link below to a Rumanian translation of "Introduction to DotsPlus" and several tables giving translations of English math vocabulary.

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